Robust Sustainability, Social Impact, Community Strategy to achieve "Our World"

Our initiative, "Our World" is an important part of our sustainability vision

As the demand for responsible credentials from customers continues to rise, we entered CGI’s GreenStart programme, an initiative which provides an opportunity for SME businesses to begin their journey toward a more sustainable future.

“Our World” focuses on sustainability and will provide holistic benefits not only to our company but also to our customers and partners.

By creating a refreshed sustainability roadmap for “Our World”, the TCH Group will be able to demonstrate our commitment to preserving our planet and becoming better stewards of the environment.

We walk in your shoes, and now we will do this as a responsible business partner. We consider ourselves unique in the market and are well-positioned to provide sustainable services for our customers.

We also have a talented and passionate employee group who care about the future of our company and the planet.

It is in our gift to make a change and it all starts at "home"

Our corporate ethics policies support the TCH values; We walk in your shoes. Our company contributes to achieving our strategic sustainability goal, and our commitments align with the United Nations (UN) 17 Sustainablity Development Goals

In all we do, across our offerings, sales is our DNA and service is our heartbeat. We are committed to a sustainable world, Our World

This is reflected in the products that we provide to our clients, our workplace, and in cooperation with our suppliers and partners. Delivering award-winning customer experiences is our goal, and we achieve this by combining data intelligence with talented people and technology. You can learn more about how we prioritise our sustainability aspects in our materiality matrix in our download below

We believe in a world where anything is possible if you put your heart into it so let's start creating change today! Join us on our mission to make this world better one step at a time - for ourselves and future generations. Together, we can make a difference! 




Making change one step at a time, leaving no footprints behind

Our goal is to ensure that all our business partnerships adhere to the highest standards of data protection, human rights, and diversity, equality and inclusion practices

By walking the responsible path with our partners, we aim to create a culture of transparency and accountability that promotes the fair and equitable treatment of all individuals and safeguards their personal information from misuse or abuse



Our commitments, our targets, and our progress are shared transparently with all our stakeholders and publicly through our carbon disclosure report that we disclose publicly every year.

Our report is prepared in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and verified through the CGI Green Start program. This communication on progress also shows our progress against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

TCH_UN17 Statement

Annual Carbon Emissions Disclosure

April 2023

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