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Contact Centre

TCHGroup asks is the contact centre world Embracing the Evolution of AI or is it a red flag for the demise of service standards?

2 min read

The Impact of AI in the Contact Centre Industry

In a world where customer service is paramount, the contact centre industry stands at the forefront of delivering exceptional experiences. As we...

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1 min read

A Proactive Approach to Tackling Energy Sector Challenges

In today's dynamic energy landscape, staying ahead of industry challenges is crucial. Ever more being a topic of discussion in the news, the growing...

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The Consumer Helpline Welcomes TCH South Africa

1 min read

The Consumer Helpline welcomes TCH South Africa into the TCH Group

The Consumer Helpline (TCH) is delighted to announce the latest member of our global family network - TCH South Africa.

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1 min read

What makes a successful leader?

What makes a successful leader? The team at The Consumer Helpline asks this question as we launch our Future Leaders Programme.

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8 min read

The value of mentoring in a contact centre

January is National Mentoring Month. At The Consumer Helpline, we know that mentoring staff is essential to help them grow and develop their skills...

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3 min read

Funding secured: SME Capital makes first Welsh investment deal

The Consumer Helpline is delighted to announce a new ownership structure following a Buy-in Management Buy-out (BIMBO) funded by SME Capital. This is...

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1 min read

5 Reasons to work in a contact centre in Wales

Working in a contact centre in Wales is an exciting and rewarding career opportunity. As the primary point of contact for The Consumer Helpline, the...

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